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USANAI used my first products from USANA Health Sciences in the late 90’s. At first, I didn’t understand my need for supplements, but over time I recognized how deficient my body was of good nutrition. When I first began changing my lifestyle – taking high-quality supplements, drinking more water, eliminating more toxins, and adding low-glycemic foods and snacks – I noticed big changes. The first thing I noticed was that my fingernails were stronger and me and my family were passing on some of the major illnesses going around. That’s just the beginning of the life-change I have experienced with these science-based, trustworthy products.

Here are the top 5 products I love and recommend . . . (It’s so hard to narrow them down!) Click HERE to purchase the following products and more!

#1 Supplements

There are so many supplements out there. How do you know what you should be taking? High-quality, pure, pharmaceutical grade supplements are a few of the important factors. The Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements is a top-notch resource to make sure you are taking the best of the best in supplements.

My favorite USANA supplements? The MyHealthPak where I can choose the different vitamins I want in customized AM and PM pillow-packs. It even comes with my name on it!

#2 Nutrimeal

nutrimealNutrimeal shakes are gluten-free meal replacements that contain 15 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber! These are my meal go-tos when I am short on time, most mornings when I am on for taking the kids to school. These shakes can be used as part of the RESET program for weight loss, help in eliminating sugar cravings, or for maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.

Even my husband and my kids drink and love Nutrimeal. This is a huge win for our family!

My favorite Nutrimeal shake? Two scoops of chocolate, one scoop of vanilla, five ice cubes, 10 ounces of water all blended in a Ninja or magic bullet. Yum!

#3 Rev3 Energy

Energy drinks, quite honestly, are pretty scary. Beyond the toxic chemicals, they also spike and crash blood sugar at dangerous rates. USANA created an alternative – a cleaner, smarter, stronger energy drink – Rev3. This drink gives a boost, without the spike, and a sustained energy, without the crash. It’s light, sweet, refreshing and has the sugar content of a medium-sized apple.

#4 Booster C

Booster CHere is the important details about Booster C straight from the USANA scientists: “What sets Booster C 600 apart from other immunity supplements on the market is its special blend of immunity-supporting ingredients. Not only does it contain zinc, echinacea, and elderberry, but it also includes USANA’s own proprietary vitamin C supplement Poly C.”

There are two ways I enjoy taking Booster C. First, like a pixie stick. Be warned that if too much powder goes in your mouth at one time, it will come out your nose. (That’s what I’ve heard.) I also enjoy mixing a Booster C with a Rev3 surge pack (not the can) with 16 oz. of ice, water, and frozen berries. Delicious, especially on a hot summer day!

#5 Sense Beautiful Science

Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies, containing trillions of cells. These cells need to be fed high-quality nutrition that is free of toxic chemicals and chemical preservatives. USANA’s skin care line has a patented self-preserving technology that allows the product to have a two year shelf life while staying free from chemical preservatives.

I love Sense because it works! It moisturizes my skin, it is one skin care for all skin types, and even my husband can use it without smelling like a flower garden!


These are just a few of my favorites. I hope you will take the time to check these products out for yourself and see if they might help you along your own health journey or that of your family.

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Be Extraordinary!

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